Behringer RD-9 Analog Drum Machine

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A Classic Drum Machine Enhanced for Modern Producers

With its punchy bass drum, snappy snare, and crispy cymbals, the Behringer RD-9 Rhythm Designer brings the authentic sound of one the most iconic drum machines in history to modern producers. With full MIDI connectivity, USB, Sync I/O, and trigger outputs, it’s ready to integrate seamlessly with your production system. A dedicated control allows you to trigger step repeats and note repeats on the fly for creative performance potential. Plus, given its built-in effects section featuring an analog filter and a versatile wave designer, the Behringer RD-9 Rhythm Designer packs more sound shaping options than the original groove box ever offered.

Authentic 909 sounds, Enhanced sonic control

The Behringer RD-9 offers two modes: Authentic and Enhanced. In Authentic mode, each drum sound behaves exactly like it would on the original 909, while Enhanced mode brings three extra controls into play. With Enhanced mode, your bass drum can be additionally shaped with the P. Depth and Pitch knobs for an extended tuning and modulation range. Enhanced mode also activates the Hi-hat Tune control, giving you more control over how your hats sit in your mix.

Add maximum grooviness with Global accents

Producers agree that tastefully applying accents is one of the best ways to create drum machine grooves that make you want to move. The Behringer RD-9 makes it easy to add accents to individual drums like you’d expect, and it also packs the legendary Global accent feature that producers loved about the original version. Hold the Tap/Hold button and select a step in your sequence, and that step will be accented for all sounds triggered at that step. Give it a try: fire up a groove; apply Global accents to steps 1, 5, 9, and 13; then start turning up the Accent level knob to hear your groove come to life.

Craft full songs and performances with Pattern Mode and Song Mode

Starting from its 64-step sequencer, the RD-9 Rhythm Designer is capable of saving up to 256 custom patterns. From there, you can use Pattern Mode to arrange patterns into complete songs, and even program the number of repeats for each song part. For full performances, Song Mode allows you to chain complete songs together, which is perfect for live sets or more complex arrangements.

Automatable stereo analog filter

The RD-9 adds to the sonic flexibility of the original unit by adding a stereo analog filter. This dual-mode (LPF/HPF) filter gives you dedicated cutoff and resonance controls, and knob movements can be recorded as part of your pattern.

Behringer RD-9 Rhythm Designer Drum Machine Features:

  • Re-creation of a classic drum machine with 11 sounds
  • Modern workflow enhancements include USB connectivity and MIDI in/out/thru
  • Trigger outs and Sync I/O for integrating modular gear
  • Craft patterns with the 64-step sequencer, with support for polyrhythms, step repeats, note repeats, real-time triggering, track muting, and track soloing
  • Built-in effects bus with stereo analog filter (HPF/LPF) and Wave Designer
  • Pattern mode allows you to chain patterns into full songs, Song mode chains songs into a complete performance or extended composition
  • Store a total of 256 patterns and 16 full songs
  • Add interest and excitement to your grooves with note accents, Global accents, flams, and step/note repeats
  • Sync with other gear via USB, MIDI, Clock, or internal clock
  • 10 individual outputs allow you to record and process sounds individually
  • Probability parameter allows you to create grooves that vary over time






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