Midas M32 LIVE Digital Mixing Console with DL32 Stagebox


Midas M32 Mixer with Stage Box

The 32-channel Midas M32 digital mixer — with its small footprint, intuitive workflow, and world-class preamps and processing — has made studio-quality sound a reality for venues, theaters, and houses of worship all over the world. This  bundle pairs the M32 mixer with the Powerplay-ready Midas DL32 32-channel digital stage box. Both the M32 and DL32 feature Midas Pro preamps, packed with decades of Midas mojo and heaps of clean headroom to faithfully capture your source material.

Groundbreaking console for the digital mixing age

If you’ve run upscale live sound anytime in the past 40 years, then you know Midas’s reputation for creating top-quality full-sized consoles. The M32 digital mixing desk brings cutting-edge Midas innovation to the world of medium-format consoles. Loaded with 32 premium Midas preamps, 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent DSP mix buses, brilliant DSP processing and routing, and massive expansion options, the M32 is an ideal foundation for moderate venues and professional touring rigs. Add to that a sense of ergonomics that makes it one of the easiest digital boards to get around, and there’s no wonder the M32 is one of the most popular mixers of its class we’ve ever seen.

32-channel digital stage box

The Midas DL32 stage box represents a serious upgrade of your mixing console and in-ear monitoring rig with the sound of Midas Pro preamps. This 32-in/16-out AES50-networkable device makes adding a digital snake to your rig as easy as running a single Cat 5 cable, and you can daisy-chain up to two DL32s together, so you can comfortably set 64 remote-controllable Midas Pro preamps onstage with plenty of returns to spare for monitor mixing. Speaking of monitor mixing, the DL32 is Ultraconnect capable, so you can easily integrate it into your Behringer Powerplay P16 personal monitoring system.

Midas M32 Live Digital Mixer with DL32 Stage Box Bundle Features:

  • Includes the Midas M32 32-channel digital mixer and the Midas DL32 32-in/16-out digital stage box
  • World-class medium-format digital console for live sound and studio recording
  • A perfect digital mixing console for touring sound reinforcement applications
  • I/O includes 40 input channels with 32 transparent, low-noise Midas preamps
  • Cirrus Logic converters and 40-bit floating point offer 112dB of dynamic range
  • Industry-leading ergonomic design by Rajesh Kutty of Bentley Motors
  • Channel controls and all major functions are always within easy reach
  • Master control section features a 7″ TFT display that’s easily viewable even in daylight
  • LCD and TFT displays across the board ensure that you’ll never get lost
  • Outfitted with 25 premium 100mm Midas Pro motorized faders rated to 1 million cycles
  • 100 Scenes/Snippets with 500 Cues provide powerful show automation possibilities
  • AES50 and Ultranet let you expand your system with up to 96 channels with P16 monitoring
  • Insert over 50 signal processors and effects across 8 stereo DSP engines
  • Simple USB port lets you record to a standard flash media drive
  • 32-in/32-out, 48kHz USB 2.0 audio interface accommodates both studio and live recording
  • Control your DAW via either Mackie Control or HUI protocols with full automation
  • Optional Midas iOS apps provide Wi-Fi control via your iPhone or iPad


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