Soundcraft Nano M16 Analog Mixer


Multi-channel analog mixer

SOUNDCRAFT NANO M16 is a professional compact analog mixer with outstanding quality, high reliability, cutting-edge and fashionable appearance design, natural and smooth sound interpretation, open and accurate sound, suitable for band performances , Professional recording and fixed installation applications.

The engineering design of the NANO M16 mixer incorporates the functions required for live mixing and professional recording: 8 mono channel input, ultra-low noise microphone preamplifier and +48 V phantom power supply; 4 channels Stereo input channel; mono input has a 3-band equalizer and IF sweep; stereo input has a 4-band equalizer; 4 auxiliary controls; high-precision 12-band level indicator; 2-track input can be assigned to the main mix , Control room/headphone output, etc.

NANO M16 has a cutting-edge, fashionable and technological appearance design, novel and unique panoramic LED atmosphere level lights, which can add gorgeous and dynamic visual effects to live performances. Built-in USB player, supports MP3 format audio file playback and recording storage. 24-bit DSP effector, providing 100 preset effects. The main mix output is equipped with a 7-band graphic equalizer and supports breakpoint insertion.

The Nano M16 mixer is upgraded with durable steel, and all interfaces are made of professional-grade metal. The body is compact and light, and the appearance is dynamic and stylish. It is ideal for band performances, professional recording or fixed installation applications.



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