Yamaha DHR12M Powered Stage Monitor


High-impact Sound in a Compact Powered Speaker

Fueled by 1,000 watts of Class D power, the Yamaha DHR12M packs a high-impact sound that belies its compact, low-profile shape. This outstanding powered PA speaker features coaxial low-frequency 12-inch and 1.75-inch high-frequency drivers, which exhibit near-perfect phase response, a full-range 52Hz–20kHz frequency response, and an impressive 129dB maximum SPL. Your entire audience will experience consistent sound, thanks to the DHR12M’s 90-degree by 60-degree coverage angle, while 48-bit DSP and Yamaha’s acclaimed D-Contour intelligent multiband compressor assure minimal crossover distortion and predictable sonic performance at any volume. This active loudspeaker also includes flexible FOH/Main and Monitor operational modes. The DHR12M boasts a rugged polyurea-coated compact plywood enclosure and a 35mm socket for effortless placement on a stand or pole.

Clear voice reproduction and extreme musicality

Despite its compact, low-profile form factor, the DHR12M packs quite a wallop. This active loudspeaker pumps 1,000 watts of Class D power through a 1.75-inch high-frequency driver, which is coaxially mounted to a high-output 12-inch low-frequency unit. This coaxial driver design yields near-perfect phase response, making the DHR12M one of the most accurate floor monitors in its class. No matter your application, the DHR12M will exceed all expectations with a full-range 52Hz–20kHz frequency response and a rafter-shaking 129dB of maximum SPL. What’s more, its 90-degree by 60-degree coverage angle ensures that every seat experiences consistent — and amazing — sound.

Full and detailed imaging from advanced FIR-X tuning

Many loudspeakers exhibit a loss of clarity and/or volume in frequencies near their crossover points, but the Yamaha DHR12M maintains clear sound thanks to advanced FIR-X crossover tuning. Utilizing ultra-precise 48-bit DSP, FIR-X optimizes frequencies and phase relationships to practically eliminate crossover distortion. The result is a smooth, balanced response around the crossover frequencies and a better-sounding performance overall.

Consistent clarity and balance at any volume

While any loudspeaker’s tonal balance can vary depending on its output level, the DHR12M features Yamaha’s D-Contour intelligent multiband compressor to maintain its sonic integrity at any volume. D-Contour constantly monitors multiple frequency bands and makes real-time adjustments to keep the balance consistent — it won’t mess with your mix; it just ensures your mix stays the same at any volume level. And live sound engineers appreciate the flexibility to choose from two operational modes (FOH/Main or Monitor) to optimize the frequency balance depending on your application.

Yamaha DHR12M Powered Speaker Features:

  • Compact loudspeaker fueled by 1000W of Class D power
  • 1.75-inch high-frequency driver, coaxially mounted to a high-output 12-inch low-frequency unit
  • Coaxial driver design yields near-perfect phase response for unparalleled accuracy
  • Full-range 52Hz–20kHz frequency response
  • Rafter-shaking 129dB maximum SPL
  • 90° x 60° coverage angle ensures consistent, amazing sound throughout the room
  • 48-bit DSP optimizes frequencies and phase relationships to mitigate crossover distortion
  • D-Contour intelligent multiband compressor maintains sonic integrity at any volume
  • Flexible FOH/Main and Monitor operational modes
  • Rugged polyurea-coated compact plywood enclosure
  • 35mm socket for effortless placement on a stand or pole
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