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    QSC CP8 Powered Speaker


    Top-shelf Sound in a Compact Powered Speaker

    The QSC CP8 is a great-sounding PA speaker that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Enjoy top-quality sound, thanks to robust drivers and state-of-the-art DSP. Experience 1,000 watts of earth-shaking power, by way of an efficient, lightweight Class D power amplifier. Benefit from a wide range of applications, courtesy of easy-to-use preset contours. The CP8 features a built-in 3-channel mixer for single-box PA operation and also doubles as a high-performance floor monitor or instrument amplifier. The QSC CP8 boasts a rugged enclosure and 35mm socket for pole mounting.

    QSC’s CP Series: premium performance in a compact speaker

    QSC’s CP Series packs premium performance into a compact powered loudspeaker. Beneath this speaker’s stylish, yet rugged exterior lurks an efficient 1,000-watt Class D amplifier, and more DSP than you can shake a stick at. Its light weight makes this speaker child’s play to load, carry, and lift, so it’s ideal for a wide range of portable and installed applications. You can use your CP speaker as a single-box PA system via its built-in 3-channel mixer, or integrate it with a larger system with ease. The CP works equally well on a speaker pole, as a floor monitor, or as an instrument amplifier.

    Preset contours for common applications

    Operating the QSC CP8 is pure simplicity. Thanks to its Contour knob, it covers the full gamut of applications:

    • Default
    • Default with external sub
    • Dance
    • Dance with external sub
    • Floor monitor
    • Speech

    Extensive DSP enhances your system’s performance

    The CP8 is loaded with powerful DSP to enhance your system’s performance. Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) provides matched low- and high-frequency response across your audience’s entire listening area, eliminating dead and hot zones. Intrinsic Correction ensures that your speaker performs consistently across the entire sound field. It achieves this by mapping spatially averaged measurements to IIR and FIR filters that actively adjust time, frequency, and amplitude response. Here, we’re blown away by the CP8’s reliable performance — it sounds great in any situation.

    QSC CP8 Features:

    • Compact active PA speaker with 8″ LF driver and 1.4″ HF driver
    • 1,000W efficient and lightweight Class D power amplifier
    • Preset contours cover a wide range of applications
    • Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic Correction DSP for accurate, undistorted performance across the entire sound field
    • Built-in 3-channel mixer for single-box PA operation
    • Doubles as a high-performance floor monitor or instrument amplifier
    • 35mm socket for pole mounting
    • Rugged enclosure
    • 6-year warranty
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    QSC KW153 Powered Speaker


    QSC Power and Clarity, from a 3-way PA Performer!

    When we first experienced QSC’s super-powerful and amazingly portable active K-series PA speakers, we were blown away, to say the least. Now, here’s your chance to change the way you look at live sound; plug into the 1,000-watt KW153 and prepare to be amazed! QSC packed a 2 x 500-watt, Class D power plant into this speaker’s premium birch enclosure, and very effective onboard DSP lets you get the absolute maximum out of its low-, mid-, and high-frequency drivers. You’ll love the connection and control options on the KW153’s back panel. You’ll also love the fact that this loudspeaker is built for the long haul. Plug into the KW153 and you’ll be a believer!

    If it’s power you’re after, then this is your loudspeaker. QSC built the KW153 to give you big, clean, room-filling performance, to the tune of 1,000 watts. And, thanks to the Class D design, this speaker won’t break your back when it’s time to set up or tear down! One amp puts 500 watts through the low-frequency 15″ driver, while the 6.5″ mid driver and the 1/75″ HF driver share power from the other 500-watt amp. The result? Big, clean sound across all frequencies! The KW153 also puts an array of connection options conveniently at hand. The back panel gives you mic, line, and even RCA inputs plus gain controls, right where you need them. You can even mix up to three audio sources internally and daisy chain to another speaker, via the balanced output.

    QSC built DSP right into the KW153, so you get the absolute most out of this speaker’s formidable wattage. Intrinsic Correction adjusts time, frequency, and amplitude response to give you amazing performance across all frequencies. Guardrail protection keeps the amplifier safe from overloads and minimizes clipping. Hit the DEEP switch and hear just how big this speaker can sound. This isn’t just a series of filters and limiters thrown in to enhance the sound; this DSP makes an already outstanding speaker incredibly efficient and perfect for any room.

    You know that a well-made loudspeaker is only as good as the ruggedness of its enclosure. After all, if it can’t take the rigors of the road, then what good is it? That’s why QSC made the KW153 extremely tough. You get premium-grade Baltic birch cabinet construction, a tough steel grille, cast-aluminum side handles, and even integrated M10 suspension points for flown installation.

    QSC KW153 Active 1,000-watt, 15″ PA Speaker Features at a Glance:

    • K Series performance in a lightweight, birch design
    • 1,000-watt, Class D power module (2 x 500W)
    • Extensive DSP (featuring DEEP and Intrinsic Correction) enhances system performance
    • DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures uniform coverage across the entire sound field
    • Rugged, texture-painted birch enclosures
    • 4-position mic/line gain (full-range models)
    • Tour-grade 16-gauge steel grilles
    • Comfortable ergonomic handles
    • M10 rigging points for suspended installation (full-range models)

    Plug into QSC’s KW153 active PA speaker and prepare to be blown away!

    Tech Specs

    • Powered:Yes
    • Power Configuration:Bi-amped
    • LF Driver Size:1 x 15″
    • HF Driver Size:6.5″ (Mid), 1.75″ (H)
    • LF Driver Power Amp:500W (Class D)
    • HF Driver Power Amp:500W (Class D, Shared Between Mid and HF)
    • Total Power:1000W
    • Inputs:1 x XLR/TRS Combo (Mic/Line), 1 x XLR/TRS Combo (Line), 2 x RCA
    • Outputs:2 x XLR (Direct), 1 x XLR (Line)
    • Frequency Range:35Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
    • Crossover Frequency:500Hz, 2.1kHz
    • Maximum Peak SPL:134dB
    • Horizontal Coverage Angle:75 Degrees
    • Vertical Coverage Angle:75 Degrees (Axisymmetric)
    • Enclosure Material:15mm Birch Plywood
    • Mounting Options:Floor, Pole Mount with 1.37″ socket, 11 x M10 Fly Points
    • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable
    • Height:43.1″
    • Width:18.5″
    • Depth:16.8″
    • Weight:87 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Part Number:KW153
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    QSC RMX4050a Power Amplifier


    This Powerful Amplifer is a Big Performer and a Great Value!

    You can count on the QSC RMX4050a when you need a reliable, tour-quality power amplifier. The sound is clear and powerful, with flexible options to help you fine-tune your sound system. The RMX4050a lets you choose between 30Hz and 50Hz low-cut filters to optimize your sound, plus a defeatable clipping limiter to protect your speakers against signal spikes. And with both XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs, this power amp is ready to integrate into virtually any sound system. For awesome sound that you can count on for years, call us for the QSC RMX4050a power amplifier.

    QSC RMX4050a Power Amplifier at a Glance:

    • Compact chassis leaves more room in your rack
    • Quality connections for reliable performance
    • Optimize your sound with a switchable low-cut filter

    Compact chassis leaves more room in your rack

    Rack space counts, especially when you’re touring the country with tons of equipment. The QSC RMX4050a packs a ton of power into a chassis that’s less than 16″ deep, which gives you more room to make connections and manage your rack equipment.

    Quality connections for reliable performance

    The QSC RMX4050a power amplifier has both XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs, plus vinding post and speakON outputs for maximum convenience. Whether you’re playing at the local club or managing a large-scale stage production, it’s easy to integrate the QSC RMX4050a into virtually any system that requires powerful, transparent audio performance.

    Optimize your sound with a switchable low-cut filter

    There’s a low-cut filter on the QSC RMX4050a, to help protect your speakers and also help you maintain more headroom. Set it at 30Hz if you’re using the RMX4050a to power a subwoofer, giving you powerful low-frequency response while filtering out sub-sonics that eat up your headroom. Set it to 50Hz if you’re powering main speakers, giving you even more headroom for clear, dynamic, full-range sound while maintaining powerful low-end presence.

    QSC RMX4050a Power Amplifier Features:

    • Stereo or bridged-mono power amplifier
    • Compact chassis is less than 16″ deep, leaving you more space in the back of your rack
    • Flexible I/O with XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs, plus binding posts and speakON outputs
    • Front-mounted gain controls give you fast, easy access to your signal levels
    • Switchable 30Hz/50Hz low-cut filter lets you fine-tune your system for maximum headroom
    • Signal and Clip LED indicators let you monitor performance at a glance
    • Independent DC and thermal overload protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speakers
    • Defeatable clipping limiter protects speakers against signal spikes

    For Proven reliability and great sound, choose the QSC RMX4050a!

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