Adam Audio A7V Powered Studio Monitors

Adam Audio A7V Powered Studio Monitors



Next-gen Monitoring for Smaller Spaces

The Adam Audio A7V is the next evolution of the award-winning A7X. This 2-way monitor is a stellar choice for project studios, smaller control rooms, and anyone who needs superior audio quality at an outstanding price. It comes with a newly-designed 7-inch woofer and Adam Audio’s game-changing X-ART ribbon tweeter. Together, the bi-amped drivers treat listeners to clean and consistent audio from 41Hz to 42kHz. Better still, this monitor is equipped with DSP-based tuning to fine-tune its response to match your room. The A7V’s vertical orientation offers the imaging characteristics you’re used to and a sweet spot tailored for nearfield monitoring. Get yours now from us and experience them for yourself!

X-ART ribbon tweeter for a lush high-end

The A7V includes Adam Audio’s well-loved X-ART ribbon tweeter. The X-ART tweeter uses an accelerated-ribbon design to eliminate the high-end distortion that plagues common dome-style tweeters. Here’s how it works. The X-ART consists of a precisely folded ribbon diaphragm. When in use, the diaphragm moves air approximately four times faster than the folds are moving. You’ll experience no high-end distortion even at extreme dynamics — all the way to 42kHz. For clean, efficient headroom is what you’re after, you’ll want an Adam Audio A7V.

A woofer with serious punching power

With the A7V, you’ll be ready for any project that walks through your studio. This powered 2-way monitor comes equipped with a 7-inch Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) woofer. The cone pairs with a 1.3-inch voice coil and 110W amplifier to deliver more than enough low and midrange power for any situation. Power isn’t everything, though! The woofer also exhibits serious midrange clarity and a broad sweet spot that’s perfect for nearfield monitoring. If you’re looking for a powerful sound in a small package, you’ve found it in the Adam Audio A7V.

Achieve the right sound in any space

You’re serious about your sound. So why would you risk making the wrong mixing decision when switching monitors? With Adam Audio’s A7V, you’ll always know you made the right call. This nearfield studio monitor had DSP-based acoustic tuning baked right in, so you can tailor the sound of your speakers to your space. What’s more, this speaker has deep integration with Sonorworks’ SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) to shape your sound perfectly. It’s not a complicated process either! Adam Audio makes it so easy that you can get set up and running in mere minutes!

Adam Audio A7V 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor Features:

  • 2-way powered studio monitoring optimized for nearfield applications
  • X-ART ribbon tweeter achieves ultra-accurate highs with no distortion at high SPLs
  • 7-inch woofer creates an expansive sweet spot
  • DSP-based tuning helps you tune the monitor to any space
  • Native integration with Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately)
  • 96kHz sampling rate and 24-bit A/D converter keep audio pristine
  • Rotatable HPS waveguide gives you further sonic customization
  • Vertical cabinet easily fits on most any monitor stand
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs allow for integration with any monitoring setup

Tech Specs

  • Powered:Yes
  • Power Configuration:Bi-amped
  • Quantity:Single
  • LF Driver Size:7″ Woofer
  • LF Driver Type:Multi-Layer Mineral Fiber
  • HF Driver Type:Rotatable X-ART with HPS Waveguide
  • LF Driver Power Amp:110W
  • HF Driver Power Amp:20W
  • Total Power:130W
  • Frequency Response:44Hz-41kHz (-3dB), 40Hz-45kHz (-6dB)
  • Crossover Frequency:2.8kHz
  • Maximum Peak SPL:105dB SPL @ 1m
  • Input Types:1 x XLR, 1 x RCA
  • Other I/O:1 x RJ45 (remote control)
  • Features:Room Correction Controls, Voicing Select
  • Software:A Control
  • Enclosure Type:Dual Front Ported
  • Enclosure Material:Vinyl Wrapped MDF
  • Height:13.25″
  • Width:7.87″
  • Depth:11″
  • Weight:19.18 lbs.


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