AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone

AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone

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Put the “Kick” Back in Your Kick Drum!

Does your kick drum sound like it’s on a diet? If so, Sweetwater has the answer to your sonic problems: the D112 MKII bass mic. Its presence peak makes your low-frequency instrument punch through in almost any mix. Being a kick drum standard for years and years, it is also often seen miking up bass cabinets, guitar cabinets for low-tuned performances, and anywhere else optimum low-frequency performance is a must. And its integrated flexible mount ensures you can always position it where it needs to be.

AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Microphone at a Glance:

  • Kick drum mic with astoundingly high SPL capacity
  • Specially engineered diaphragm for excellent low-frequency response
  • MKII features a highly flexible mount

Kick drum mic with astoundingly high SPL capacityThe D112 MKII has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. That has everything to do with the fact that its 160dB max SPL rating can take just about any signal you throw at it. Heavy-footed drummers won’t faze it. The D112 MKII performs in those environments without any audible distortion. Quit running a microphone designed for your singer’s voice on your bass drum. Give your kick the sound it deserves with the AKG D112 MKII.

Specially engineered diaphragm for excellent low-frequency responseThe D112 MKII’s specially engineered diaphragm with a very low resonance frequency maintains solid and powerful response below 100Hz, while a narrow band presence rise at 4kHz punches through dense mixes with little or no added EQ. The result is a kick drum sound that ideally balances precise definition and forceful impact. The D112 MKII is also an excellent choice for use with bass cabinets, trombones, and other bass instruments.

MKII features a highly flexible mountThere’s no denying that the AKG D112 is a standard for bass drum miking. But the rigid mic stand mount could really make it difficult to get that microphone right where you need it to capture the optimal sound you’re going for. The D112 MKII solves this problem with an integrated flexible mount. Getting the D112 MKII into your kick drum, mounted flush against a bass cabinet, or any other way you may need to angle the microphone is now possible. A flexible mic is even more flexible than before.

AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Microphone Features:

  • Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone
  • Flexible integrated mic mount
  • Amazing performance from a reasonably priced bass drum mic
  • Ideal cardioid mic for kick drum and other low-frequency sources
  • Large-diaphragm technology offers powerful bass response
  • Max. SPL 160dB
  • Finish: dark gray metallic enamel

Get your kicks with an AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Mic!

Tech Specs

  • Microphone Type:Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-17kHz
  • Output Impedance:210 ohms
  • Color:Black
  • Connector:XLR
  • Manufacturer Part Number:2220X00040


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