JBL Control 1 Pro Surface Mount Speakers

JBL Control 1 Pro Surface Mount Speakers

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The JBL Control 1 Pro is a compact professional studio monitor speaker that is widely used in recording studios, broadcast studios, and other professional audio environments. It is a popular choice for near-field monitoring, meaning it is designed to deliver accurate sound reproduction at close listening distances.

Here are some key features of the JBL Control 1 Pro:

  1. Design: The Control 1 Pro features a compact and rugged design, making it suitable for desktop or wall-mounting installations. It has a black enclosure with a metal grille to protect the speaker.
  2. Drivers: It has a 5.25-inch low-frequency driver (woofer) and a 0.75-inch high-frequency driver (tweeter). These drivers are designed to provide a balanced and detailed sound reproduction.
  3. Frequency Response: The Control 1 Pro has a frequency response range of 80Hz to 20kHz. This range covers most of the audible spectrum and allows for accurate monitoring of audio content.
  4. Power Handling: It has a power handling capacity of 150 watts peak and 75 watts continuous. This allows for sufficient volume levels and dynamic range in professional audio applications.
  5. Connectivity: The speaker has a standard 5-way binding post input terminal that accepts speaker wire connections. It can be easily connected to audio interfaces, mixers, or amplifiers.
  6. Applications: The Control 1 Pro is suitable for a variety of audio applications, including recording and mixing in small studios, multimedia presentations, broadcast monitoring, and home theater setups.
  7. Accessories: JBL offers optional accessories for the Control 1 Pro, such as wall-mount brackets and adjustable mounting brackets, which enhance flexibility for installation in different environments.

Overall, the JBL Control 1 Pro is known for its accurate sound reproduction, durability, and versatility, making it a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts in the audio industry.



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