Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Hybrid Direct Drive Turntable with DVS


Digital and Analog in Hybrid Harmony — Tonearm Optional!

Spanning the boundaries of DJing, beat making, and spectacular performance, Pioneer DJ’s PLX-CRSS12 strikes a harmonized balance between the best of digital and analog turntablism. Everything from the chassis and tonearm materials to its suite of compatible software and performance modes and its ergonomic, intuitive interface has been engineered for meticulous precision. MIDI-mappable performance pads, a dynamic OLED display, and flexible motor braking are just the beginning. Onboard Serato and rekordbox compatibility form the bedrock of its state-of-the-art DVS capabilities, including the unprecedented option of digital vinyl turntablism that eschews the tonearm and needle altogether, stunning DJs here. The cutting-edge control doesn’t stop there, either. We’re simply scratching the surface.

Note: Pioneer DJ’s PLX-CRSS12 turntable is designed for use with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. Based on the configuration of your mixer and the DJ software installed on your Mac or PC, compatibility outside of Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox is possible. Please contact your Sales Engineer for any questions, concerns, or further information.

Feel your sound like never before

Pioneer DJ’s PLX-CRSS12 turntable utilizes a direct-drive design, but the flexibility afforded in how you interface with your sound runs far deeper. The company’s new Magvel Clamp works by dialing in how tightly the vinyl is secured when ditching the tonearm with DVS. Not only does this mean no more needle-skipping, regardless of how aggressively you scratch, but you’re able to fine-tune the “weight” of your scratching experience to feel lighter or heavier, all without fussing with slip mats, slip sheets, or any other mechanical component. Its vivid, high-contrast OLED screen ensures visibility in low-light settings, providing critical info without cluttering your space, including tempo range and key signature when step-pitching in either analog or DVS modes. Meanwhile, further details like bpm, deck number, and software keep your DVS experience sympatico.

Versatile performance potential

Expanding the performance capabilities of the PLX-CRSS12 turntable, Pioneer DJ added four color-coded pads below the platter, each of which is completely MIDI-mappable. Moreover, the shift function doubles the possibilities for your pads, providing eight completely customizable options. Onboard compatibility includes rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, each of which features a distinct set of native pad support features. With rekordbox, Hot Cue, Sampler, Track Separation, Sample Scratch, Pad FX1, and Beat Jump functions are raring to go, while Serato DJ Pro supports Hot Cue, Sampler, Stems, Scratch Bank, Roll, and Saved Loop options. No matter your path, the PLX-CRSS12 expertly balances contemporary performance flexibility without compromising core turntable necessities. Even the turntable’s braking functions are adjustable, thanks to a front-mounted switch with three stopping speeds, augmenting performance possibilities at every level.

Engineered for premium aural integrity

As the spiritual successor to the PLX-1000, the PLX-CRSS12 builds off its predecessor’s lauded aural architecture, preserving its best facets while providing some welcome improvements. The chassis comprises a durable high-mass, die-cast zinc upper and a lower portion of 8-millimeter-thick resin that optimizes its structural integrity while dampening vibrations. Moreover, rubber tubes in the tonearm vastly improve vibration control, increasing performance and consistency. RCA terminals use machined gold-plated components, while the phono signal utilizes a stable connection with its plug for direct transmission of high-fidelity audio to faithfully reproduces the nuances of analog records. Even the switching power supply has its part to play, eliminating flux leakage and transformer vibrations to further suppress errant noise for crystalline audio playback.

Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Hybrid Direct Drive Turntable with DVS Features:

  • Accommodating hybrid design includes versatile DVS and analog modes with diverse performance options that don’t compromise turntable essentials
  • Groundbreaking DVS innovation gives you complete digital vinyl control without the tonearm: no needle-skipping, no matter how hard you’re scratching
  • Magvel Clamp lets you dial in the “weight” of the record for nuanced differences in feel and resistance without fussing with slip mats or mechanical components
  • Utility settings include direct access to adjust torque to further tailor your experience
  • Front-mounted switch has 3 deck-stopping speeds for flexible braking
  • 4 onboard performance pads are fully MIDI-mappable to customize your flow with contemporary sound-shaping tools
  • Onboard compatibility for both Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox means versatile DJ possibilities to fit your workflow with software-specific native pad functions
  • Shift function opens 4 additional performance slots, giving you 8 total options with 4 pads
  • Vivid OLED screen provides critical information without obfuscating your visual field, even in low-light settings, including key, tempo, & step-pitching for analog and DVS modes
  • Precision-engineered components ensure unmatched sonic quality and preservation

Tech Specs

  • Motor:Direct
  • Arm Style:S Shape
  • Torque:Adjustable
  • USB:1 x USB-C
  • Analog Outputs:1 x Dual RCA Stereo
  • Cartridge Included:Yes
  • Power Source:Standard IEC Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PLX-CRSS12

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