Sennheiser EW-DX SK/SKM-S Base Set

Sennheiser EW-DX SK/SKM-S Base Set


Simple and Reliable Digital Wireless System

Designed for critical applications and high-traffic environments, Sennheiser EW-DX wireless systems offer rock-solid reliability and clear signal. These systems come with either 2-channel or 4-channel receivers and various transmitter options, so you can tackle any performance requirement. Whether rocking a handheld transmitter or a bodypack, you’ll enjoy a 100m (328-foot) operating range and a 134dB dynamic range, ensuring that it works anywhere in the venue on any source. Moreover, Sennheiser offers select EW-DX wireless systems with Dante-compatible receivers, enabling you to integrate your existing networked audio setup. That might sound complicated, but EW-DX systems set up fast, thanks to Auto Scan technology and the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software. Make no mistake: this system is versatile, expandable, and flexible enough to handle any venue and situation. If you’re looking for a digital wireless system that won’t disappoint, then we recommend a Sennheiser EW-DX wireless system.

Excels in challenging environments

EW-DX systems are the obvious choice for users in crowded wireless environments or those who run complex network setups. The digital wireless architecture offers an ultra-stable connection and vanishingly low latency of only 1.9 milliseconds across its massive 146 channels. Need to protect sensitive content? No problem! The built-in AES 256 encryption keeps your audio signal safe from unauthorized listeners. Finally, EW-DX systems feature Link Density mode, which doubles your channel count to 293 channels to ensure reliable transmissions in the most crowded UHF environments.

Expandable design grows with you

Sennheiser designed the EW-DX series to be versatile and flexible enough to meet everyone’s unique needs. The series includes 2-channel half-rack and 4-channel full-rack receivers that mount in an existing rack. Meanwhile, various compatible transmitters give you the freedom to run guitars, lavaliers, headsets, and handheld mic setups — or any combination! The interchangeable capsule design makes the mic transmitters compatible with a range of Sennheiser and Neumann mic capsules. And of course, EW-DX systems do all of this while providing a rock-solid signal you can depend on.

Sennheiser EW-DX Digital Wireless System Features:

  • Advanced digital wireless system with deep software control
  • Automatic RF setup makes multi-channel installations a walk in the park
  • Sennheiser Control Cockpit gives you remote control and monitoring capabilities
  • Link Density mode gives you 293 channels for reliable transmission in congested environments
  • AES 265 encryption secures your transmissions from outside listeners
  • 100m transmission range gives you plenty of room to roam
  • Each transmitter features intuitive buttons and an e-Ink display for easy adjustments
  • 12-hour battery life delivers dependable operation all day long
  • Massive 134dB dynamic range requires no sensitivity tweaks
  • Barely there 1.9ms latency helps you sound more natural than ever
  • Network-enabled charging keeps your gear charged and ready to use at a moment’s notice


Simplified setup and deep software control

Getting started with an EW-DX system is effortless! Auto Scan’s in-room automatic setup assigns channels to an equidistant tuning grid. This allows you to carry higher channel counts with greater fidelity and less interference. The bodypack and handheld transmitters provide intuitive function buttons and an easy-to-read e-Ink display for momentary adjustments. All EW-DX systems are controllable using Sennheiser’s Smart Assist app on your mobile device. Meanwhile, Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) and Sennheiser Control Cockpit provide a detailed system view, so you can make the proper adjustments when they need to happen — without touching the hardware. Plus, 12 hours of battery life and network-enabled charging make sure your EW-DX devices are always charged and ready to rock



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