Sennheiser XSW-IEM Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System


Intuitive Operation Plus Pro-level Features

If you’re looking for an entryway into the world of in-ear monitoring, Sennheiser’s XSW IEM system is purpose built to offer pro-level IEM features with beginner-friendly operation — all at an affordable price! This system includes an EK receiver and an SR transmitter that are easily synced with the infrared sensor, along with the ability to add more EK receivers if you need to upgrade your system. The XSW IEM includes simplified features for the beginner, including easy-to-use preset frequencies, but it also offers deeper functions to grow into: the manual frequency control, EQ, and limiter offer a wide range of customization possibilities to perfectly dial in your setup. What’s more, Sennheiser includes all the accessories needed for a stage-ready rig right out of the box, including a pair of noise-isolating IE 4 earbuds and a rackmount kit to integrate the XSW IEM into a larger setup.

Noise-isolating IE 4 earbuds

When you’re on the concert stage, a pair of noise-isolating earbuds like Sennheiser’s IE 4 is key to making sure your sound feed remains clear and free from outside sources. These earbuds deliver your sound with exceptional clarity and dynamics, with an outstanding bass response for accurate monitoring. Plus, each pair of IE 4 earbuds comes with a variety of ear sleeves to ensure a snug and comfortable fit!

Your Easy Entry into Personal Wireless Monitoring

  • The rugged XSW IEM SR stereo transmitter features a metal housing designed for extended use in small clubs and can be used as part of a rackmounted system or standalone on a tabletop. Two combo XLR-1/4″ inputs enable you to send either a stereo or two different mono audio sources at the same time, from either 1/4″ or XLR connections. A backlit LCD screen on the front panel allows for easy setups, even on dark stages. You can preview your in-ear mix locally with the headphone output on the front. Setting up gain, mono or stereo options, input sensitivity, or frequency channels takes just a matter of seconds thanks to the clear, simple menu.
  • The lightweight XSW IEM EK stereo bodypack receiver clips on your clothing or belt and is easy to conceal and comfortable for the talent to wear. A standard 3.5mm jack lets you plug in the included IE 4 earphones or optional earphones of your choice. The top LED shows battery and link status at a glance, while the front LCD panel allows for individual fine-tuning of your personal mix, from balance and Focus modes to EQ and Limiter.
  • The IE 4 earphones reproduce accurate audio with a wide dynamic range and increased bass response. They are equipped with exchangeable ear sleeves designed to provide a comfortable fit.

Full Control over Your Mix with Flexible Audio Modes

  • On the bodypack receiver, musicians can design their individual mix with Mono, Stereo, and Focus Mode settings. Simple controls enable them to dial in the volume and panning for both left/right signals and get the balance that works best—for example the singer can turn up the vocal feed to hear herself better, while the band may prefer more of the instrumental mix to help ensure they stay in the pocket.
  • Alternatively, performers can engage the Focus mode, which mixes both left/right signals and allows you to balance what you want to hear more of in the foreground and push the other instruments in the background.
  • Advanced features include an EQ that provides a 10 dB boost at 13 kHz with high shelf for more air and extra brightness. Protect your ears with the Limiter that caps the output volume at the receiver by -10 dB.

Reliable Wireless Performance

  • The stereo transmitter is equipped with 960 frequencies and has 8 banks with 12 aligned and precalculated frequencies each, enabling you to automatically find a clean wireless channel at your location for a reliable transmission up to 330′.
  • The system transmits in the UHF frequency range, making it immune to the cell phone and Wi-Fi interference that can plague 2.4 GHz systems.
  • The infrared sensors allow you to quickly sync multiple receivers to one transmitter at the press of a button.

Features at a Glance

  • Complete starter set for in-ear monitoring
  • Reliable, easy-to-manage wireless connection in the professional UHF range
  • Full control over you personal mix with flexible Mono, Stereo, and Focus modes
  • Advanced features like EQ and limiter
  • 960 frequencies organized in 8 banks
  • Easy frequency presets or detailed manual control
  • Infrared sensor to easily sync multiple receivers to one transmitter
  • LCD screens with clearly arranged menu
  • Two combo XLR-1/4″ jack inputs on transmitter
  • Headphone jack on transmitter
  • Detachable antena on transmitter
  • 3.5mm jack output with adjustable volume on receiver
  • Pair of IE 4 in-ear headphones
  • Receiver operates up to 6 hours on 2 AA batteries
  • Operate up to 12 transmitters simultaneously in the same frequency band
  • Reliable transmission up to 300′
  • Max 4 single transmitters stacked without a proper combiner
  • Set includes rackmount kit, antenna, and external power supply

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