Shure SE846 GEN2 Sound Isolating Earphone-Jade

Shure SE846 GEN2 Sound Isolating Earphone-Jade


Take Control of The Audial Spectrum

Shure’s SE846 line of earphones are a hit with music creators and audiophiles alike, and their second iteration promises to provide the same stunning audial clarity with some desirable upgrades. SE846 G2 earphones deliver 4-driver sound that can easily be personalized with the help of four different filter options. When it comes to monitoring, you’ll be able to swap out your filters for monitoring at a variety of different frequency levels that best meet your needs. Similarly, second-generation units feature a wider selection of interchangeable foam sleeves to create a noise-isolating fit in any ear. Whether you’re a staunch audiophile in search of crystal-clear playback or a choosy music producer looking to optimize every frequency in your mix, a pair of SE846 Gen 2 earphones from us is your go-to move.

Stunning 4-driver sound projection

The SE846 G2 stays on par with its predecessor with the same 4-driver sound system. With this impressive array, you’ll experience full-spectrum sound with a wide sonic range, as well as an output that provides crystal-clear details. Using the SE846 in a studio setting is a cinch for mixing and mastering your projects — you’ll get all the sounds you need to be monitoring at a level that makes for easy fine-tuning.

Seamless frequency swapping

A collection of four different frequency filters will allow you to easily switch between a variety of sound profiles. These removable filters include balanced, warm, bright, and extended options, each of which have their own respective frequency range. If you’re worried about the mix of your bass notes, no problem: swap to a lower frequency filter to hear amplified detail. Do you think your high range could use fine-tuning? That’s easy: move to a brighter filter for crisp monitoring. No matter which end of the sonic spectrum you need to dial in, the SE846 delivers a detailed output that’s easy to weave between in seconds.

What’s new with Gen 2?

SE846 Gen 2 earphones surpass their first-generation counterpart with the inclusion of personalization options, accessories, and most importantly, an enhanced driver setup. A new sound signature filter is included, lending you four separate sound profiles rather than three. This “extended” nozzle filter allows for a more precise frequency response to produce an output that has more noticeable detail. For accessibility, the SE846 Gen 2 comes complete with a larger selection of foam sleeves, providing for the perfect fit in any ear canal. When paired with a selection of three different colors, SE846 G2 earphones provide the perfect mix of personalization and sound quality that exceeds all expectations.

Shure SE846G2 Sound Isolating Earphones Features:

  • 4-driver build forms a a clear high end and features an exclusively pronounced bass response
  • Complete sleeve collection grants the perfect fit in any ear
  • Detachable cabling allows for flawless transitioning between wired and wireless modes
  • Up to 37dB of noise reduction with Sound Isolating technology
  • Lowpass filter demonstrates the power of true bass without sacrificing any details
  • Removable nozzle inserts let you choose between 4 different sound signatures for a different frequency response
  • Android and Apple compatible with 3.5 mm connection option
  • New clear exterior option showcases the internal components of your earphones
  • Hi Res certified by the Japan Audio Society

Tech Specs

  • Type:Wired
  • Connectivity:1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
  • Fit Style:In-ear, Earbud
  • Drivers:4
  • Noise Attenuation:Up to 37dB, Passive Sound Isolation
  • Impedance:9 ohms
  • Frequency Range:15Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity:114dB SPL @ 1mW
  • Detachable Cable:Yes
  • Cable Length:45″, 60″
  • Color:Jade
  • Case/Bag:Soft Case
  • Weight:0.15 oz. (net earphone)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SE846G2JD




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