Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Mixing Console

Soundcraft SI Impact Digital Mixing Console

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Analog Simplicity, Digital Flexibility

The Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer not only gives you a simplicity and ease of use that rivals an analog console, but you also get the excellent sound quality that Soundcraft has become known for over the past 40-plus years. You’ll love the Si Impact’s unique FaderGlow system, which provides you with at-a-glance status information, as well as its ample DSP power, great-sounding 32-in/32-out USB audio interface, and generous I/O options. Complete with a 5″ touchscreen display for instant access to your parameters, the Si Impact is an ideal digital mixer for broadcasting, houses of worship, music venues, and theaters.

Packed with features

  • 32 mic preamps
  • Eight XLR combo jacks
  • 40 DSP input channels
  • 31 output buses
  • 4-band parametric EQ on each channel
  • Eight VCAs and eight mute groups
  • 26 motorized faders
  • Built-in stagebox connectivity
  • 5″ touchscreen display
  • Multicolor LCD displays on each fader
  • Onboard DSP
  • 20 aux buses
  • Four matrix buses
  • Built-in 32 x 32 USB audio interface

Going Beyond Analog Control

Delivers analog workflow with digital flexibility

One of the Soundcraft Si Impact’s strengths is that it provides you with a simple analog workflow while also offering you the flexibility that you can only obtain with a digital mixer. One-knob-one-function control means you won’t have to jump around the board to change parameters, while the FaderGlow system ensures that you know exactly which functions are being controlled by which faders simply by looking at them. Each fader channel also provides you with a clear multicolor LCD display, giving you quick at-a-glance information on your levels and a fully customizable “scribble strip” to name your channels.

  • Streamlined analog workflow with digital flexibility
  • One-knob-one-function control
  • FaderGlow system
  • Clear multicolor LCD displays

Legendary British Sound

Graham Blyth-designed mic preamps and “British” equalizer

Like all Soundcraft mixers, the Si Impact is positively packed with that highly sought-after “British” sound. Thanks to its stellar-sounding mic preamps (designed by Soundcraft founder Graham Blyth) and 4-band, fully parametric “British” equalizers, the Si Impact provides you with a sound that will imbue your mixes with plenty of classic distinctive character.

  • Sought-after “British” sound
  • Graham Blyth-designed mic preamps
  • 4-band parametric EQs on each channel

World-class Effects

DSP processing from Lexicon, dbx, and BSS Audio

Featuring studio-grade reverb and effects from Lexicon, legendary dbx dynamics, and industry-standard BSS graphic EQs, the Soundcraft Si Impact’s onboard DSP carries quite a pedigree. Thanks to these world-class effects, you’ll be able to create polished, pro-sounding mixes without a rack full of outboard gear.

  • Lexicon reverb and effects
  • dbx dynamics processing
  • BSS graphic EQs on each bus

Put Your I/O Wherever You Need It

Built-in connectivity and a complete range of I/O expansion cards

With built-in connectivity for their optional stagebox, Soundcraft’s Si Impact lets you put your I/O wherever you need it. You can set up the stagebox by the band and route your sound to front of house, or you can position it in the live room for studio recording — all through a single Cat 5 cable. You can also use the Si Impact’s 32 x 32 expansion card slot to integrate it with existing systems and hardware that use any of multiple I/O formats, including MADI, CobraNet, Aviom A-Net, AES/EBU, BLU link, RockNet, and Dante.

  • Built-in stagebox connectivity
  • 32 x 32 expansion card slot
  • Compatible with MADI, Rocknet, CobraNet, Dante, and more

Make Multitrack Recordings

Pipe phenomenal-sounding audio directly into your DAW

Making multitrack recordings with the Soundcraft Si Impact is a snap, thanks to its built-in 32-in/32-out USB audio interface. A single connection to your Mac or PC is all it takes — you’ll be ready to record straight to your favorite digital audio workstation.

  • 32-in/32-out USB audio interface
  • Make multitrack recordings with a single connection
  • Compatible with all major DAWs

Remote Mixing with Your iPad

Hands-on control from anywhere

If you have an iPad, you can access the mix power of the Soundcraft Si Impact from anywhere. Simply download the iPad app, and you’ll be able to mix front of house from the audience location, set mic gains and phantom power from onstage, adjust monitor levels while standing next to the musicians, or allow performers to create their own monitor mixes.

  • Mix from anywhere in the venue
  • Set mic gain and 48-volt phantom power from the stage
  • Adjust monitor levels while standing next to the artist
  • Extend the fader count of an existing control surface
  • Allow multiple users to control their monitor mixes

A Phenomenal Digital Mixer

Streamlined workflow, flexible performance, and excellent sound quality

With its streamlined analog workflow and digital flexibility, you just can’t beat the Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer for ease of use and stellar sound quality. Whether you’re in a broadcasting studio, house of worship, music venue, theater, or anywhere else, the Soundcraft Si Impact is a phenomenal digital mixer!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Digital
  • Channels:40 Input Channels, 80 Mix Channels (via Si Impact Firmware update)
  • Inputs – Mic Preamps:32 x XLR
  • Phantom Power:32 x Channels
  • Outputs – Main:16 x XLR
  • Outputs – Digital:1 x XLR (AES/EBU)
  • Busses/Groups:31 x Output Busses, 20 Sub-group/Aux Busses
  • Data I/O:1 x Ethernet (MADI)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4″
  • USB:1 x Type B, 2 x Type A
  • Computer Connectivity:USB (32 x 32)
  • I/O Expansion Slots:Option Card Slot
  • Faders:26 x Motorized
  • A/D Resolution:24-bit/48kHz
  • EQ Bands:4-band Parametric EQ, BSS Harman Graphic EQ
  • Effects:4 x Lexicon FX Engines
  • Signal Processing:dbx Dynamics
  • Screen:5″ Touchscreen
  • Software:ViSi Remote iOS
  • Power Source:Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:6.3″
  • Depth:19.7″
  • Width:29.5″
  • Weight:44.1 lbs.


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