Yamaha CBR12 Passive Speakers

Yamaha CBR12 Passive Speakers

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Passive Loudspeaker You Can Count On

Expect rich, clear sound and reliable performance from the Yamaha CBR12 passive loudspeaker. With a respectable 350-watts of RMS power handling, and 96dB SPL sensitivity, these loudspeakers boast impressive performance for their compact, portable nature. Live sound engineers especially appreciate the CBR12’s HF-protection circuit, which prevents speaker damage from excessive input. We also dig the smart form factor, which lets you use the CBR12 as either a mains speaker or on its side as a floor monitor. However you use it, expect stellar sound and performance you can trust with the Yamaha CBR12 passive loudspeaker.



Yamaha CBR12 12″ Passive Loudspeaker at a Glance:

  • Ideal for small- to mid-size venues
  • Great sound at any volume level
  • Use as a main speaker or as a floor monitor

Ideal for small- to mid-size venuesWith 350-watts of RMS power handling and lightweight components, the Yamaha CBR12 is perfect for small- to mid-size venues. Whether you’re in a band, a gigging DJ, or run a sound-for-hire rig, the CBR12 will serve you well in a variety of applications.

Great sound at any volume levelThe Yamaha CBR12 puts out full, punchy sound at any volume level thanks to two specific components. An extremely sensitive LF driver puts out powerful bass even when you’re not driving the speaker hard. And when you do want to push your system to the max, an HF-protection circuit prevents excessive input signals from damaging the tweeter, so you get clear sound throughout the entire volume range.

Use as a main speaker or as a floor monitorYamaha designed the CBR12’s cabinet with a 50-degree wedge angle. This allows you to place the speaker on its side and angle it up for use as a stage monitor. Especially if you’re equipping your school or church with PA gear, you’ll appreciate the dual-function versatility of the Yamaha CBR12.

Yamaha CBR12 12″ Passive Loudspeaker Features:

  • Passive loudspeaker with lightweight plastic cabinet
  • Impressive 350W RMS power handling
  • 1/4″ and speakON inputs for flexible connectivity
  • HF-protection circuit prevents tweeter damage due to excessive signal levels
  • Highly-sensitive LF driver puts out full bass even at lower volumes

You’ll enjoy your sound system with the Yamaha CBR12 passive loudspeaker!

Tech Specs

  • Powered:No
  • LF Driver Size:1 x 12″
  • HF Driver Size:1.4″
  • Power Rating:350W
  • Total Power:700W
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4″, 1 x speakON
  • Impedance:8 ohms
  • Frequency Range:45Hz-20khz (-10 dB)
  • Crossover Frequency:2.1kHz
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle:90 Degrees
  • Maximum Peak SPL:125dB
  • Vertical Coverage Angle:60 Degrees
  • Enclosure Material:Plastic
  • Mounting Options:Pole Mount with 1.37″ socket, M8 Fly Points: 2 x Bottom, 1 x Rear
  • Height:23.7″
  • Width:14.8″
  • Depth:13.7″
  • Weight:30.6 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CBR12


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