Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX Analog Mixing Console

Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX Analog Mixing Console

Portable Mixer with Impressive Features

The Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX adds four more channels and solid-feeling 60mm faders to their popular ZED-10FX mixer. It’s great for guitarists — two of its eight mono channels boast high impedance input jacks that re-create the warmth and character of a classic tube preamp. The ZED60-14FX’s responsive 3-band EQ design features A & H’s MusiQ — a variable Q that makes optimizing each instrument’s tone settings a breeze. You also get high-quality built-in digital effects, and stereo USB audio connectivity for capturing quick recordings. Complete with comprehensive monitoring and effective metering, you can’t go wrong with the ZED60-14FX.



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