Crown XLi2500 Power Amplifier

Crown XLi2500 Power Amplifier

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An Everyday Power Amp You Can Count On!

Powerful, affordable, reliable – these words define Crown’s XLi 2500 power amplifier as well as the rest of the XLi series amps. Whether you’re a musician, DJ, or live sound engineer, you’re sure to appreciate what this remarkably rugged amplifier can do for your PA system. With user-selectable input sensitivity (.755V or 1.4V) and a host of standard output connectors, the 1,500-watt XLi 2500 is a perfect fit for mobile rigs, traditional venues, and houses of worship alike. And with over six decades making some of the most popular power amplifiers on Earth, you know you can trust Crown and your XLi 2500 no matter what.

Crown XLi 2500 Power Amplifier at a Glance:

  • All the versatility you can ask for in a budget-friendly amplifier
  • Packed with the quality I/O your venue or mobile rig demands
  • Smart and rugged design protects against everyday hazards

All the versatility you can ask for in a budget-friendly amplifier

You know the old adage about how if you ask two live sound engineers how to setup a system you’ll get three answers? Well, this Crown XLi 2500 power amplifier can handle them all. Wether you need an amp that can do stereo, parallel, or bridged-mono mode, XLi series amps will do the trick. Even if you’re constantly reconfiguring your system, you’ll get all the versatility you need from your XLi 2500.

Packed with the quality I/O your venue or mobile rig demands

No two rigs are the same, which is why Crown outfitted their XLi amplifiers (including the XLi 2500) with all of the popular connections serious live sound engineers demand. On the input side, the XLi 2500 offers both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA jacks, accommodating professional mixers and DJ systems alike. Conversely, both low-tech binding posts and modern speakON connectors let you attach any variety of passive PA speakers.

Smart and rugged design protects against everyday hazards

One thing no engineer can afford is losing an amp right before (or in the middle of) a show. With a Crown XLi 2500 in your rig, you can worry about setting a good mix, not keeping your amp from exploding. Crown built their XLi series power amplifiers with safety in mind, protecting against shorts, empty loads, on/off thumps, and more. And while they were at it, they even gave the XLi 2500 a mighty effective shield against the kind of RF that can ruin any show, so you don’t have to cringe the next time the talent shows up with their special (read, outdated) wireless system.

Crown XLi 2500 Power Amplifier Features:

  • An affordable and reliable power amplifier you can use in any PA system
  • 1,500-watts in bridged-mono mode, up to 750-watts stereo/parallel operation
  • Includes both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR input connectivity
  • Binding post and speakON output connectors let you use virtually any passive PA speakers
  • Selectable input voltage (.755V or 1.4V) lets you set up your rig to match your gear
  • LED power, fault, signal-presence, and clip indicators let you keep an eye on the safety of your amplifier
  • Forced-air cooling and protection against shorts, no-load, and on/off thumps ensure smooth operation and long life
  • Excellent shielding against radio-frequency interference keeps your sound clean, even in heavy wireless conditions

Get the power amp you need for a price you can afford with a Crown XLi 2500!

Tech Specs

  • Number of Channels:2
  • Power Class:Class AB
  • Watts/Side @ 8 ohms:500W
  • Watts/Side @ 4 ohms:750W
  • Watts Bridged:1,500W @ 8 ohms
  • Inputs:2 x RCA, 2 x XLR
  • Outputs:2 x speakON, 2 x Binding Post
  • Cooling System:Internal heat sinks with forced air plus fan-cooled, speed-regulated, thermal protection and flow-through ventilation from front
  • Rack Spaces:2U
  • Height:3.5″
  • Depth:12.4″
  • Width:19″
  • Weight:29.7 lbs.


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