Neumann NDH 20 Closed-Back Studio Headphone

Neumann NDH 20 Closed-Back Studio Headphone

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Monitoring Accuracy in the Studio, on the Road, and at Home

Neumann’s NDH 20 closed-back studio headphones deliver excellent isolation with the linear frequency response, solid stereo imaging, and outstanding resolution you expect from a Neumann monitor. Featuring circumaural memory foam ear pads designed for superior isolation and exceptional comfort during long listening sessions, NDH 20 headphones are perfect for any critical monitoring or mixing task, even in noisy environments. Distracting resonances in the midband mar the performance of many closed-back designs, rendering them unsuitable for critical mix decisions. The NDH 20s take after Neumann’s acclaimed studio loudspeakers, delivering unerring accuracy free from mechanically induced colorations.

Designed to Neumann’s high standards

The NDH 20s incorporate newly designed 1.5″ drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets for high sensitivity and minimal distortion, allowing the engineer or musician to hear the pure audio signal without coloration. Neumann made sure the mechanical construction of the NDH 20 headphones meet the company’s high standards. The adjustable headband is made of flexible steel, while the earcup covers are machined from lightweight aluminum. For ease of transportation, the headphones are foldable for a snug fit in the included cloth bag. Two detachable cables (one straight, one coiled) and a 1/4″ adapter are also included.

Audiophile sound with excellent isolation

We find Neumann NDH 20 headphones ideal for applications that require a high degree of isolation, such as tracking and front-of-house work. They’re also an excellent choice for any critical listening application, free from the disturbances of the outside world and, vice versa, without disturbing others nearby due to leakage. Thanks to its extended 5Hz–30kHz frequency response, the NDH 20s are particularly helpful for checking the upper and lower extremes of the audio band. Unlike many other closed-back headphones, the NDH 20s are well-suited for mixing purposes too. Their unusually flat frequency response and natural stereo image allow for mixing with confidence and ensuring that your mixes will translate to all playback systems. Last but not least, the NDH 20s are also excellent headphones for audiophile entertainment.

Neumann NDH 20 Closed-back Studio Headphones Features:

  • Linear sound balance, like Neumann’s acclaimed studio monitors
  • 1.5″ drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets
  • Extended 5Hz–30kHz frequency response
  • Free from mechanically induced colorations
  • Excellent isolation allows working in noisy environments
  • Transparent sound with high resolution
  • Long-term comfort, easy transportation

Tech Specs

  • Open/Closed:Closed
  • Fit Style:Circumaural (Around the Ear)
  • Driver Size:38mm
  • Frequency Response:5Hz-30kHz
  • Impedance:150 ohms
  • Noise Attenuation:34dB
  • Cable Type:Coiled, Straight
  • Cable Length:5-10′ (coiled), 10′ (straight)
  • Replaceable Cable:Yes
  • Plug Size:1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
  • Features:Cloth Pouch
  • Foldable:Yes
  • Color:White Aluminum, Gray
  • Weight:2.6 lbs.


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