Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone

Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone


Enjoy Your Music in a Totally New Way

Rode has been at the forefront of modern mic design since the company debuted the NT1. Now, the company has set its sights on creating a pair of headphones that provide outstanding audio, all-day comfort, and sleek good looks — all at an accessible price. The ergonomically-designed, closed-back ear cups come loaded with custom-matched drivers that flaunt an amazingly accurate frequency response from 5Hz to 35kHz. They showcase excellent imaging and have the clarity you need to pick out every element in a mix. You’ll enjoy a comfortable listening experience from the moment you put them on, thanks to the memory foam padding and CoolTech gel. You can attach the cable to any side you want, which is a major plus. The NTH-100s are a lights-out choice for streamers, podcasters, musicians, and pleasure listening alike. They serve up audio as it’s meant to be heard.

Clean, clear audio from any source

Rode designed the NTH-100 headphones for superior audio clarity. To accomplish that goal, Rode loaded these headphones with custom-matched drivers for linear frequency response. When we got the NTH-100s into our hands, our Product Research team decided to put that engineering to the test. We listened to songs from every genre and can confirm that these headphones have the bass response needed for today’s hip-hop and R&B, the high-end “air” for classical and acoustic pieces, and the midrange clarity to handle the densest modern pop arrangements. Plus, Rode’s exhaustive design process imbued these headphones with spectacular stereo imaging that trumps just about anything else in its price range.

Exceptional comfort

Great sound quality isn’t everything to look for in a pair of headphones. Rode knows this, which is why NTH-100 headphones come with luxurious padding. The earcups and headband are made from Alcantara-covered memory foam with CoolTech gel to keep you comfortable during long listening sessions. Music listeners know that glasses and headphones don’t always get along, but the NTH-100’s ear pads have turned that into a thing of the past. The memory foam conforms to people of all shapes, making long listening sessions easy. Best of all, the headband and earcups are all user replaceable, significantly extending the life of your headphones.

Built to handle life’s curveballs

The NTH-100 is ready to make a lifetime of memories with you. One of its most impressive features is the FitLok Locking headband for repeatable comfort. Once you find the most comfortable setup, use FitLok to lock the earcups in place when you’re not using them. The headband is made from springy stainless steel for durability that outstrips the competition. The NTH-100s also feature a detachable cable and unique cable locking mechanism that prevents accidental disconnections. Don’t worry about damage from rough handling; Rode thought ahead when they designed the cable. The cable’s locking connection is softer than the connector in the headphones. That way, if there’s a rough disconnection, the cable will deform — not the headphones. Just pick up a new cable and get listening again!

Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-ear Headphones Features:

  • Rode’s first headphone design
  • 40mm custom-matched drivers create a clean, vivid soundstage with low distortion
  • Closed-back design provides up to 20dB of passive isolation
  • FitLok headband adjustment prevents the earcups from moving when not in use
  • Memory foam earcups and headband offer supreme comfort
  • CoolTech technology keeps your ears cool and comfortable
  • Locking cable protects against accidental disconnections
  • Dual cable inputs let you put the cable on whatever side you want
  • Circumaural design provides excellent comfort and isolation
  • Colored ID rings eliminate cable mix-ups
  • Includes storage bag and 1/4-inch adapter

Tech Specs

  • Type:Wired
  • Open/Closed:Closed
  • Fit Style:Circumaural (Around the Ear)
  • Driver Size:40mm
  • Frequency Response:5Hz-35kHz
  • Impedance:32 ohms
  • Cable Type:Straight
  • Cable Length:7.87 ft.
  • Plug Size:1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
  • Detachable Cable:Yes
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Alcantara Covered Memory Foam Earpads and Headband
  • Case/Bag:Storage Pouch
  • Weight:0.77 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:NTH100


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