Shure MVX2U XLR to USB Audio Interface

Shure MVX2U XLR to USB Audio Interface

An Interface and Activator in One Device

The Shure MVX2u is two prime products in one device. First, it’s an in-line mic activator with +60dB of gain that can add new life to dynamic mics with lower volume outputs. Secondly, the MVX2u is also an XLR-to-USB audio interface with +48V that can power condenser mics as well. Sweetwater studio engineers agree that the Shure MVX2u makes a perfect interface for streamers as it also features an Auto Level mode that makes any streaming audio instantly consistent, plus its 3.5mm headphone jack provides convenient monitoring with zero latency. Throw in configurable DSP via the ShurePlus MOTIV app, and you have one seriously value-packed product in the Shure MVX2u.

Supercharge with ShurePlus MOTIV

Using the Shure MVX2u in conjunction with the ShurePlus MOTIVE desktop app kicks things into overdrive. This app gives you control over EQ, compression, limiting, gain, and more. You can tailor the sound to complement your room and then save your presets for future easy access. Plus, regular firmware updates will keep your set up rock solid.

Shure MVX2u XLR to USB Audio Interface Features:

  • Mic activator and XLR-to-USB audio interface in one device
  • Up to 60dB of gain for boosting dynamic mics and +48v phantom power for powering condenser mics
  • Auto Level Mode makes your streaming audio consistent immediately
  • Configurable DSP via ShurePlus MOTIV desktop app gives you savable presets plus control over gain, EQ, compression, and more
  • Regular firmware updates keep your set up consistent and future-proof
  • 3.5mm headphone jack provides convenient monitoring with zero latency
  • USB-C cable included for Mac and Windows compatibility




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