Shure SM35-XLR Headworn Microphone


This Shure Headset Mic is a Reliable Performer

The Shure SM35-XLR is a headset microphone designed for live performances, public speaking, and other applications where hands-free operation is required. It features a cardioid condenser microphone element that provides excellent sound quality and feedback rejection.

The SM35-XLR is designed to be worn comfortably on the head, with an adjustable wireframe headband and a flexible gooseneck boom for precise positioning of the microphone element. It has a detachable cable terminated with an XLR connector, which allows for easy connectivity to a wide range of audio equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, and audio interfaces.

One of the key features of the SM35-XLR is its ability to handle high sound pressure levels (SPL), making it suitable for loud environments and instruments such as drums or brass. It also offers a wide frequency response range, capturing the full range of vocals and instruments accurately.

The microphone is equipped with an integrated windscreen that helps reduce wind noise and plosives, ensuring clear and intelligible audio. It also has a cardioid pickup pattern, which focuses on capturing sound from the front while rejecting unwanted noise from the sides and rear, minimizing feedback issues.

Overall, the Shure SM35-XLR is a reliable and versatile headset microphone that delivers professional audio performance and hands-free convenience for various live sound applications.

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