Yamaha CZR12 Passive Speakers

Yamaha CZR12 Passive Speakers

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Killer Sound, Top Performance, and Easy System Integration

The Yamaha CZR12 offers superb clarity and best-in-class SPL performance. This 2-way bi-ampable PA speaker boasts 1,600-watt power handling, a 38Hz-20kHz frequency range, and can tackle any application you throw at it. Great-sounding, custom-designed transducers deliver vivid, soaring highs and rafter-shaking low end. As a passive PA speaker, the CZR12 integrates with any configuration, thanks to its rotatable horn. It can also operate effectively as a stage monitor. This speaker can take full advantage of processor tuning settings when used with a Yamaha PX Series amplifier. The CZR12 employs a lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating.

Custom-designed transducers

The Yamaha CZR12 is loaded with great-sounding, custom-designed transducers. Its high-frequency transducer includes a 2-inch voice coil and 1-inch throat compression driver, a titanium diaphragm, and neodymium magnet housed in a die-cast aluminum frame. Its low-frequency transducer uses a large 3-inch voice coil, cast-aluminum frame, and powerful, yet lightweight, neodymium magnet to handle the chest-thumping low end that the CZR12 delivers. The CZR12 isn’t just all about power, however. Its low-end response is tightly controlled, especially in the mid-bass and vocal range, assuring crystal-clear sound reproduction — even at cranked volumes.

Smart, ultra-flexible design

The CZR12 integrates with any configuration, thanks to its ultra-flexible design. Its rotatable horn allows vertical or horizontal mounting. Benefit from a 90×60° dispersion from a vertical position. Enjoy smooth, level coverage, by virtue of the CZR12’s constant directivity horn — its innovative design minimizes the roll-off that conventional horns often produce.

Sophisticated DSP processing

If you power the CZR12 with a Yamaha PX Series amplifier, you can take full advantage of its dedicated speaker processor tuning settings. Fine-tune output channels with equalization, and add limiting to protect your speakers from dangerous signal spikes. Dial in crossovers to integrate subwoofers and fill speakers. Use the built-in delay network to ensure phase coherency across all speakers in larger rigs. And all of these advanced features are easily accessible from the LCD display. Here, we find that a PX Series amplifier and CZR12 are a match made in heaven.

Yamaha CZR12 Features:

  • 2-way passive loudspeaker with 2″ HF and 12″ LF drivers
  • Boasts 1,600-watt power handling and bi-amp capabilities
  • 38Hz-20kHz frequency range with 129dB SPL
  • Great-sounding, custom-designed transducers
  • Rotatable horn allows vertical or horizontal mounting
  • 90×60° dispersion from a vertical position
  • Constant directivity horn supplies smooth, level coverage without roll-off
  • Compatible with Yamaha PX Series amplifier processor tuning settings (amplifier sold separately)
  • Lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating

Tech Specs

  • Powered:No
  • Power Configuration:2-way Passive/Bi-amped
  • LF Driver Size:12″ Woofer, 3″ Voice Coil with Neodymium Magnet
  • HF Driver Size:2″ HF Compression Driver
  • Impedance:8 ohms
  • Power Rating:800W Program
  • Inputs:2 x SpeakON (parallel)
  • Total Power:1600W Peak
  • Frequency Range:43Hz-20kHz (passive), 42Hz-20kHz (with DSP processing)
  • Crossover Frequency:2.0kHz
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle:90 Degrees
  • Maximum Peak SPL:129 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Vertical Coverage Angle:60 Degrees
  • Enclosure Material:Plywood Cabinet with Polyurea Coating
  • Mounting Options:Pole: 2 x 1.37″ (35mm); Fly: 12 x M10; Wedge
  • Height:25.4″ (with feet)
  • Width:16.1″
  • Depth:15.5″
  • Weight:39.7 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CZR12




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