Yamaha CXS18XLF Passive Subwoofer

Yamaha CXS18XLF Passive Subwoofer

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Killer Sound, Top Performance, and Easy System Integration

The Yamaha CXS18XLF offers thunderous low end, superb clarity, and best-in-class SPL performance. This bass-reflex subwoofer boasts 2,000-watt power handling, a 29Hz–150Hz frequency range, and can tackle any application you throw at it. A great-sounding, custom-designed transducer delivers rafter-shaking low end. The CXS18XLF can take full advantage of processor tuning settings when used with a Yamaha PX Series amplifier. This sub employs a lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating. The CXS18XLF is a must-have for completing your full-range CZR system.

Custom-designed transducer

The Yamaha CXS18XLF is loaded with a great-sounding, custom-designed transducer. Its durable cast-aluminum frame and 4-inch voice coil deliver jaw-dropping bass response, even at cranked volumes. Adding a CXS18XLF can extend your system’s low-frequency performance down to a startling 29Hz, for a throbbing low-end thump that’s sure to make an impression.

Sophisticated DSP processing

If you power the CXS18XLF with a Yamaha PX Series amplifier, you can take full advantage of its dedicated speaker processor tuning settings. Fine-tune your low end with equalization, and add limiting to protect your transducer from dangerous signal spikes. Dial in your crossover and activate Cardioid Mode to decrease stage volume while increasing the low-frequency output directed towards your audience. Use the built-in delay network to ensure phase coherency across all speakers in larger rigs. And all of these advanced features are easily accessible from the LCD display. We find that a PX Series amplifier and CXS18XLF are a match made in heaven.

Yamaha CXS18XLF Features:

  • Passive subwoofer with 18″ LF driver
  • A must-have for completing your full-range CZR system
  • 29Hz–150Hz frequency range with 133dB SPL
  • Great-sounding, custom-designed transducer
  • Compatible with Yamaha PX Series amplifier processor tuning settings (amplifier sold separately)
  • Lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating

Tech Specs

  • Powered/Unpowered:Unpowered
  • LF Driver Size:18″ Subwoofer, 4″ Voice Coil, Ferrite Magnet
  • Impedance:8 ohms
  • Power Rating:1000W Program
  • Inputs:2 x SpeakON (parallel dual pole)
  • Total Power:2000W Peak
  • Outputs:1 x SpeakON (full range/cardioid rear)
  • Frequency Range:32Hz-3kHz (passive), 32Hz-150Hz (with DSP processing)
  • Maximum Peak SPL:133dB SPL
  • Mounting Options:Floor
  • Enclosure Material:Plywood Cabinet with Polyurea Coating, Black Finish
  • Height:25.9″ (with feet)
  • Width:21.6″
  • Depth:28.4″
  • Weight:96.1 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CXS18XLF


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